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harmless to body, reduces sickness, eliminates the transmission of diseases (viruses, bacteria, fungi)

Ultrazvukový difúzor Air Comfort do officu
NanoSilver Desinfekt 5 L bandaska

Office disinfection

Application of disinfectant mist and wiping surfaces

Regular disinfection with the ecological NanoSilver Desinfekt solution will ensure a safe working environment. Disinfection is harmless to humans and is therefore carried out in the presence of humans. For small offices we have ultrasonic humidifiers PELO U14 ( approx. 10 min / 50 m3 room). Fogging reduces the onset of the environment and the risk of transmitting infectious diseases. Reduces morbidity in the flu period.

Aplikácia studenej dezinfekčnej hmly v zábavnom parku v česku

Hall disinfection

When disinfecting large production halls, we use industrial ultrasonic diffusers Eca Tech 400 with a capacity of approx. 2000 m3 / hour. After application, the technology lasts in the air  about 3, 4 days, depending on the load. We treat surfaces with Victory and Emist electrostatic devices.

Changing room disinfection

Crowded areas such as changing rooms must be disinfected on the daily basis. NanoSilver Disinfect effectively eliminates unpleasant odors and reduces the risk of transmitting infectious diseases. For small spaces, PELO U14 diffusers with a capacity of approx. 10 min / 50 m3 are also sufficient

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