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plesen v rohu na stene okolo okna


Do you have problem with black mold on the walls and are you searching for lasting solution with proper identification of the cause of the problem ?


BMB technology uses 4 active substances to open the pores in the wall and remove mold up to a depth of 5 cm. 

With the service we:

  • measure the humidity of the wall

  • assess the cause of the problem and recommend a solution

  • remove visible mold locally



pleseň na strope v sprchovom kúte

Cause: Use of wrong paint

One of the cause behind molds can be:

  1. Wrong choice of plasterboard for a humid environment

  2. Wrong choice of paint for a humid environment

  3. Poor ventilation.

  4. Thermal bridges

Pleseň po odstráneni v sprchovom kúte
Pleseň v žľaboch na kúpalisku

Cause: Dirty gutter after summer season, contaminated with biofilm

The main goal was a thorough cleaning of the gutters before the season without heavy scrubbing, including disinfection.

Pleseň v žľaboch na kúpalisku po odstránení



Pleseň v kuchyni v rohu

Cause: Rising moisture due to non-functional hydro isolation.

A common problem of non-functioning hydro isolation, especially in old houses. The solution includes deep removal of visible mold and recommendation of next step in remediation of the wall.

Pleseň v kuchyni po odstránení

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