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About us

Company vision

EcoRovnak sro is a company with direct business activities in the field of ecological cleaning and disinfection products based in Košice.  

The company's vision is the development, production and sale of ecological nanotechnologies in the field of cleaning and disinfection, which significantly reduce the impact on health and the environment. A large number of cleaning and disinfecting products on the market today contain dangerous compounds that irritate the skin, eyes, nasal mucosa and often cause health problems. Our goal is to acquaint people with new ecological technologies that make our lives significantly easier and at the same time do not create an impact on the environment.  


Portfolio of products & services

Our product portfolio consists of ECOSHINE cleaning agents and the unique ecological disinfection NANOSILVER DESINFEKT.  

Ecoshine products are based on a natural base, where the main ingredients are herbs, clay, water, vanilla and carnauba wax. The specific composition and multi-purpose use distinguish Ecoshine products from conventional cleaning products containing alcohol, silicones, kerosene and other solvents. Ecoshine removes dirt with a microfiber cloth and leaves surfaces polished with natural wax, which protects and simplifies subsequent cleaning. Ecoshine products achieve 1/3 consumption already by the second cleaning, where the surfaces are only polished and maintained.

For problematic dirt in bathrooms, kitchens, but also for general primary cleaning, when it is necessary to remove chemicals and grease from surfaces, we recommend using Ecoshine for grease and stainless steel. In hotels, it is most commonly used to clean baths, showers, tiles, toilets, stoves, hoods. Product creates an anti-slip effect by floor wash.

Ecological disinfection DESIN ACTIVE is a Slovakian technology based on hypochlorous acid. Our product is among the few that are absolutely harmless for human body and is suitable to places with high requirements on hygiene standards. The unique synergy of active ingredients achieves high efficiency in removing a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts in the air and on surfaces. Spatial disinfection is performed by a ultrasonic humidifier creating a cold mist. For surface disinfection, a mechanical sprayer or an electrostatic device is used. 



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