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Maintain a healthy working environment during the flu seasons

Service + Setting up long-term solutions

kancelárie, zasadačky, konfereknčné mies

Offices  |  Conference rooms

0.5 L postrekovač Desin Active Universal červený, univerzálny.webp
5L bandaska Desin Active Universal pre domácnosť

Application Methods



Air fogging 

10 - 15 min / 50 cm3 room

servis dezinfekcie priestorov jedálne Hortim

Disinfection of common areas

 1 hour / 500 m3 room.

Disinfection of larger common areas is carried out with an industrial ultrasonic diffuser and electrostatic devices. For companies, we offer an advantageous package (equipment + disinfection) with the setting of a regular disinfection plan.

DESIN ACTIVE Universal disinfection is gentle on materials due to its composition of natural ingredients, but at the same time it disinfects very effectively in just a few seconds. 

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Disinfection of offices & common areas

Disinfection of showers and bathrooms

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Disinfection of waste bins

Disinfection of floors

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