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An easy disinfection solution for every home that protects your health

Application Methods




Air fogging 

Tips for use:

Disinfection of tables, kitchen equipment and floors

Spraying and wiping benches, chairs, tables, equipment. If the surfaces are not very dirty, it can be added to the water when washing floors

Disinfection of showers and bathrooms

Proper disinfection can prevent the formation of mold 

Disinfection of room areas by fogging

Especially in the flu period, disinfection of areas by fogging significantly reduces the risk of transmission of infectious diseases.

Disinfection of clothing

It can be added to the laundry or sprayed directly on clothes. Does not discolour materials.

Disinfection of waste bins

Removes unpleasant odors

Mattress disinfection

Removes harmful microorganisms and unpleasant odors. We recommend applying by spraying or ultrasonic diffuser

Disinfection of dishwashers and washing machines

Apply 0:25 - 0.5 L of Desin Active Universal on an empty cycle.

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