Ecoshine Interier Gastro 0.5 lit balenie s rozprašovačom


 All-surface  Professional cleaner

Universal, economical cleaning for companies

 Ecological  no dangerous chemicals

Just 1 product + microfiber cloth

 Economical  waterless, 1/3 consumption

Only 3 cleaners are sufficient for complete wash

  • windows, glazing

  • showers

  • TV, PC screen

  • furniture

  • kitchen counters

  • kitchen grease

  • paving, joints

  • bath, sanitary

  • stainless steel surfaces

  • floor washing

  • carpet beating

  • stain removal

  • settled waterstove

  • glazing

  • shower heads

  • tiles

ECOSHINE products protect surfaces and the environment

Natural wax

Prírodný vosk

Ecological packaging with practical refill option - BAG IN BOX 5L

We pack our products in recycled cardboard boxes from a local manufacturer. You can refill the bottle up to 10 times with a simple tapping

Natural carnauba wax perfectly polishes and protects surfaces such as wood, glass, ceramics, plastic and other non-absorbent surfaces.

ECOSHINE products are sensitive to materials and do not discolor or react with other detergents.

Kartónové eko balenia Bag in Box Ecoshine Mastnota a Nerez
Bag in Box 5L Ecoshine Univerzálny pre domácnosť

1 sprayer, 10 refills


Household & Gastro

  • How to do it?

  • Water less cleaning of all surfaces

  • The surfaces are only polished till dry

  • Too much product may create smears

  • 1/3 consumption compared to conventional cleaners already by the second application

  • the wax creates a protective layer and smooth surfaces

  • the wax protective film repels water and dust

  • lifts dirt from the surface and does not spread it to the sides during cleaning

  • wraps the dirt in wax - it does not scratch the surface

  • eliminates minor scratches

  • shiny furniture surfaces, mirrors, windows - they remain without smears

  • eliminates fingerprints

  • if a new microfiber cloth leaves small hairs - wipe with a clean cloth

  • does not remove heavy dirt and grease


Stainless steel & Grease

  • not 100% organic, but sensitive to surfaces and environment

  • generally use without water but add to water when washing floor

  • suitable for washing floors - 5 lit. water - 0.05 lit. of product.

  • approx. 85 - 100 m2 of floor area can be cleaned

  • suitable for removal of problematic dirt

  • stainless steel, joints in kitchens, stoves, bathtubs, tiles, shoe smudges, glues on adhesive surfaces.

  • Tip - white laundry - spray product on yellowed spot on the laundry and then wash normally in the washing machine.

  • does not discolor surfaces, but it is advised to try it on a smaller part - so far we have no knowledge of any surface to destroy or stain it.

  • stains on carpets - coffee, blackberries ...

  • textile, fabric surfaces - carpets and sofas - spray and gently clean in the direction of the fibers

  • ideal to wash floors in kitchens, corridors, bathtubs - creates anti-slip layer

  • ideal for all surfaces except windows and mirrors - use only for local resistant dirt, otherwise creates smears. 


Descaling agent

  • Removes limescale on bathroom glazing, faucets, shower heads and tiles

  • Does not react with other cleaning agents


  • apply a small amount of gel to the clogged surface

  • gently clean with a sponge, cloth approx. 2 min

  • then leave on for about 10 - 15 minutes

  • rinse with water

  • does not remove heavy dirt and grease


Cars & Motorbikes

100% Organic

  • suitable for washing the exterior and interior of the car

  • creates a protective film

  • protects the body from fine scratches

  • the car stays clean for a long time

  • drains drops from the windshield - the effect of liquid wipers


  1. Before the first wash, we recommend rinsing the car with water

  2. We spray the Ecoshine product on the dry body of the car

  3. Two microfiber cloths are required for washing

  4. We'll wipe off the rough dirt once

  5. The second polishes the body

  6. You will feel the difference after the second car wash

  7. The car is easier to wash, it does not catch so much dirt

  8. Even with the second application, it is enough to use a smaller amount of product