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for cleaning, disinfection and gardening

for households, companies, schools, hotels, restaurants, cafes

Eko čistiaci prostriedok
Dezinfekcia rúk, povrchov
Orchanný organický postrek do vašej záhrady

Product for everyday 😉cleaning

Ecoshine Interior

all-surface cleaning, without water and with minimal consumption

utierky z mikrovlákna v rôznych farbách, zelená, modrá, ružová
okná, sklo, sklenené porchy

Windows, glazing

Water less cleaning of glass surfaces

Polishing without smudges


Cleaning wooden surfaces without water

Natural wax polishes and protects surfaces

nábytok, drevo, drevené povrchy
obrazovky, displej, PC, TV


Cleaning screens, touch screens

Antistatic effect

Univerzálny čistiaci prostriedok Ecoshine Interiér, Gastro, balenie 0.5 Lit, vhodný na sklo, plasty a iné nesavé povrchy
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Prírodná dezinfekcia NanoSilver Desinfek

supports our immune system from outside

domov, domácnosť
Dezinfekcia na povrchy Desin Active Universal, 5 L balenie
Dezinfekčný prípravok na povrchy Desin Active Universal, balenie: 0.5 Lit sprej, postrekovač
Dezinfekčný prípravok pre veterinárnu oblasť, 5 L balenie
Dezinfekčný prostriedok pre veterinárnu oblasť, 0.5 L balenie
Dezinfekčné pero Desin Active Hands na ruky pre pohodové zážitky na cestách
eko z prírodných ingrediencií

Disinfection that is a pleasure 😊 to use

A laboratory-tested disinfectant composed of natural ingredients that protects surfaces, your hands and your pets

Desin Active Universal

povrchy, kúpeľne, jedálne


Dezinfekcia ovzdušia, priestorov zahmievaním. Je možné použiť akýkoľvek zvlhčovač vzduchu.


Application by mechanical / electrostatic spraying or by non-contact ultrasonic fogging of entire rooms

Area of use: households, schools, canteens, fitness, cinemas, hairdressers, general and dental clinics

Desin Active Pet

povrchy, klietky, stajne


Application by mechanical / electrostatic spraying

Area of use: veterinary area (disinfection of surfaces related to the stay or transport of animals), cages, bowls, aquariums, stables, barns

Desin Active Hands


for hands with eucalyptus

Disinfection that doesn't sting, doesn't smell, and moreover protects your skin from drying out.

It is applied either by a disinfectant pen, mechanical sprayer or as a filling for liquid dispensers


A spray that protects and supports growth.
Organically 🌱 🍇

What are among the main reasons for use of pesticides in plant protection? Is it related to frequent weather changes? Risk of diseases spread? Pests? Yes, we also claim that all of them, but what we often do not think about in the first place is the negative effect excessive use of these products has on the quality of soil which is undoubtedly alpha and omega in nutrition intake a growth stimulation. 

We thought about that too :)

bio, organický, ecologický

100% Bio

Our organic biostimulant is 100% degradable in the environment, thus protecting soil microflora and waterways.

kyselina chlorna, HOCL, HCLO.png

Hypochlorous acid prevents the formation of diseases and serves as the main component of photosynthesis. 

Hypochlorous acid

Minerál Zeolit.png

Mineral Zeolite

creates a protective barrier on the leaves, which lowers their temperature and prevents excessive water loss.

prípravok na ochranu paradajok a inej zeleniny, ovocia
Organický prípravok na ochranu rastlín, ovocia, zeleniny a semien pred výsadbou, 5 L koncentrát

Our first exhibition in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa 🌍

Africa Agri Expo 2023

Grease and scale warriors 🏋🏿‍♂️

Additional products

to deal with the problematic areas in kitchens and bathrooms


Hoods, Stoves

Extra strong degreaser that does not discolor materials

Showers, Glazing

Concentrated gel that is simply applied, left working for a little and rinsed off with water

Kúpeľne, sprchove hlavice, kachličky
Čistiaci prostriedok na mastnotu a nerez, 0.5 lit balenie
Čistič, prostriedok na vodný kameň, 0.5 lit balenie

Our Team

BSc. Matúš Rovňák

BSc. Matúš Rovňák

Executive Manager


Tel: +421 915 370 905

Ing. Juraj Rovňák

Ing. Juraj Rovňák

Executive manager


Tel: +421 917 977 137

Bc. Lucia Rovňáková

Bc. Lucia Rovňáková

Executive manager


Tel: +421 908 265 039

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